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You always pay cash/card untill the Nest (automatick payment) is set up.
Pole on the beach
Membership of the club

You have to be a member to attend classes, exept the trial lesson.

Membership of the clup for 1 year. Automatic payment. (This includes a free trial lesson)

Kr. 100,-

Membership of the club for 1 year cash. (This includes a free trial lesson)

Kr. 150,-

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Attend all the classes you want, no limitations

Unlimited classes. 3 months binding

Kr. 299,-

Unlimited classes

Kr. 349,-

Unlimited classes for students

Kr. 325,-

Cash payment for 6 month. Equals 300 kr a month

Kr. 1800,-

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It's not a problem, if you can't find a babysitter
Fun in the studio

Trial lesson. If you sign up right after the class, we will give you 50 kr discount for the first year.

Kr. 100,-

Tourcard 5 classes. (Valid for 30 days)

Kr. 150,-

Tour card 10 classes. (Valid for 30 days)

Kr. 200,-

1 single class

Kr. 100,-

Unlimited classes NO pole

Kr. 149,-

Pause of membership for up to 3 months

Kr. 50,-

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Get a discount with a company deal. If 3 or more employees from the same company signs up on a company account. Contact Lia for more information.


You can only buy one trial lesson per person.


** Students need to show a valid "studiekort" to get the student discount. If you are under 17 you are automatic considered a student.


We offer a family discount, if 2 from the same famely, living at the same address, is paying from the same account. Contact us for more details.


All membership and training is to be signed up for automatic payment (Nets/Betalings service) if the price doesn’t specify cash, or there is extra charges of 50 kr a month.

Tour cards are personal and can't be shared.


Subject to typing errors on the page.

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